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OpenRheinRuhr 2011
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Sacha Storz
Tag Samstag - 2011-11-12
Raum Vortragsraum 1
Beginn 14:30
Dauer 02:00
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TYPO3 Integrator Certification Exam

Registration for the TYPO3 certification exam has to be done at:

TYPO3 became one of the most important players in the CMS market within the last years. In this time the expectations of customers were growing continuously – web agencies became information consultancies.

With its growing success, the abilities but also the complexity of TYPO3 rose as well. Beside the basic knowledge of XHTML and CSS, profound knowledge of the underlying technology became essential for projects' success. A certification program is important...

  1. for TYPO3 Customers to assure the selected service supplier has the knowledge to implement a proper and successful TYPO3 solution.
  2. for the TYPO3 Project to show the market that there are lots of skilled specialists offering professional TYPO3 service
  3. for TYPO3 Professionals to train and test their skills and to present themselves as certified professionals to the market