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OpenRheinRuhr 2015
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Harald König

I studied physics and started with Linux (kernel 0.98.4) in 1992 (UNIX since 1987) and XFree86 (S3 cards) since 1993 using and working on (La)TeX since 1987 and co-founded the german TeX users group DANTE e.V. I've given talks on LinuxTag, Chemnitzer LinuxTage, FrOSCon, GUUG FFG, and some project specific meetings (OpenMoko, smart meters, OpenStreetMap),for many years, regularly attending some more FOSS conferences like FOSDEM and many national and international TeX meetings. Today I'm working for Bosch-Sensortec GmbH (Reutlingen, Germany) as software developer for Linux/Android.


Harald dot Koenig2 at bosch-sensortec dot com